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How to get what you want

How to get what you want

How to get healthy

How to get rich

How to be intelligent

How to look good

How to love and be loved

How to be happy

How to feast fully

How to know truth

How to make decisions

How to do good

How to be a leader

How to be strong

How to have peace of mind

How to be free

How to make a lasting impression

How to get elected

How to achieve the ultimate

How to be perfect

Man’s most cherished desires are here answered from the scriptures – without commentary.
(Download 21-page pdf file.) 


Book of Mormon Computer Marking Project

I gathered evidence supporting claims of Joseph Smith, the witnesses, and LDS scholars regarding The Book of Mormon – and then color coded the entire book in 12 topical categories, with commentary. The following can be downloaded free of charge:Introduction to The Book of Mormon, collection of compelling evidence of the book’s authenticity, and powerful testimonies of the Book of Mormon , including my own resulting from this project.  (Download 64-pagepdf file.)

Sample color coding – with commentary by experts – to the end of 2 Nephi (Download 106-page pdf file)


THE NETWORK MARKETING GAME: Gospel Perspectives on Multi-level Marketing

Another web site – mlm-thetruth.com – reports on my 20 years research on MLM (multi-level marketing), which is explained in several articles and in three eBooks, including a thorough analysis of the MLM industry titled Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. The book should answer all your questions about MLM, while exposing flaws in the business model and unfair and deceptive industry practices. Descriptive indexes and frequent summaries make it easy to find what you want. Download free of charge by clicking here: Multi-level Marketing Unmaske    (476-page pdf file.).

If you are LDS and are ever recruited into an MLM, you will benefit from reading another book – THE NETWORK MARKETING GAME: Gospel Perspectives on Multi-level Marketing. Utah leads the nation in concentration of MLMs based in the state – most of them led by LDS founders. The book explores the ethics of MLM, based on principles revealed in modern scriptures and in teachings of latter-day prophets. I offer a free hard cover copy of the book  to any reader who will do a small favor for me – and for many others.
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Featured Articles

Keep which commandments?

Over two hundred commandments have been given in this dispensation. But which commandments apply to us today? We really ought to know the answer, especially when we covenant to keep the commandments each week as we partake of the sacrament. It will be worth your time to read the full article.

How is your spiritual fitness?

On a trip to my local gym, I was struck with the extraordinary effort put forth by some people to build up their physique.  This thought struck me: What if we were to put the same time and effort into being spiritually fit? Read this brief article.




Strategies and techniques to fortify yourself and loved ones against temptations

Temptation is Satan's greatest weapon to get us to yield to his power and forfeit the rewards promised by the Savior. Click here for simple strategies and techniques to stack the odds in your favor to maintain worthiness for heaven's greatest blessings.




Harmonized Sermon on the mount

There are four versions of the Savior's guide for living: Mathew and Luke in the New Testament, the Savior's appearance to this continent as recorded in 3 Nephi, and the Inspired Translation of Bible by Joseph Smith. Each account is different. Here you have a harmonized version with the best of each, jncluding visuals to illustrate the points.
(Download harmonized Sermon on the Mount –  9-page pdf) 


Miracles and spiritual experiences I would like to share

About whatisgood.com

As my life winds down, I want to share with friends and family – and anyone else who may be interested – some special research, insights, experiences – even miracles. All of this is rooted in a firm testimony that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days by revelation and by angelic ministrations to a modern prophet (and important witnesses), as was foretold by Biblical prophets. This includes The Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ and which fulfills numerous Biblical prophecies, enhances doctrinal understanding, and brings the reader closer to God. If you find one or more of these items to be good and helpful, their purpose is achieved. And please feel free to share them with others personally or on social media.

– Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D.

 Feel free to write me (jonmtaylor@juno.com) and comment on any of the articles  on this site.

Topics for later:

  • Marriage by faith - for singles seeking a mate
  • Near death experiences
  • Gays and the gospel
  • For job seekers: How to look good on paper and in person
  • How to create your own opportunity
  • A personal message for my family and friends