A testimony of tithing

By Jon M. Taylor

From my youth, I have always paid my tithing out of obedience to the law of the Lord, not with any expectation of reward. However, JoAnn and I had an experience recently that confirmed my faith in the principle of tithing.

Having recovered from surgery to remove a large pituitary tumor behind my right eye, JoAnn drove me to the University Hospital for a follow-up exam. On the way back, she was watching for signs to determine where we were and missed seeing a stop light turn red. A Subaru Ouback hit us broadside, causing the car to spin around and stop near a curb. Our ’99 Accura was severely damaged, but no one was hurt. We managed to drive the car home, and I immediately went to a trusted dealer to get a replacement vehicle.

We settled on a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, for which the salesman wanted $7,700. I bargained with him until he dropped the price to $6,300. It would be a strain on our finances. but we needed the car. So we wrote a check to the dealer and told him to hold it so we could transfer some funds. We drove home with the car.

Within 48 hours I got a call from an investment broker who was handling some of our retirement. He asked, “You remember that municipal bond you bought several years ago? Well, it’s been called, so you have some money in your account.”

“How much,” I asked.


I about fell off my chair. This may have been just a coincidence, but not likely. I like to believe this was the Lord looking out for us as faithful tithe payers.


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