Harmonized Sermon On The Mount

There are several versions of part or all of the Sermon on the Mount taught by Jesus Christ and quoted widely by Christians all over the world. The primary version is found in Mathew chapters 5-7. Luke also quotes portions of the Sermon in chapters 11 and 12. But there are several passages in these versions that are obvious mistranslations, which Joseph Smith corrected in his inspired translation of the Bible. And of course we can have confidence of the translation of the Sermon as given to the Nephites and recorded in 3 Nephi chapters 12-14. Using the latter as the primary source, I have prepared a harmonized version of the Sermon on the Mount, which brings together the best of all the versions into one harmonized version.

If you want to join me in memorizing the Sermon on the Mount, I have prepared an illustrated version, broken down into small units to make it easier to memorize this important set of directives the Savior gave as a standard for Christian living.

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