The anniversary – and the camera

By Jon M. Taylor

While serving in Milwaukee on my mission, we taught Mr. and Mrs. Fouts, a young couple with a new baby who were receptive to our message, and we enjoyed a friendly relationship.. One evening when we came over to teach a lesson, the Fouts was very frustrated. They had set aside $70 (a lot of money at the time) for their first anniversary which was coming right up, and the money could nowhere be found.

We expressed our sympathy and tried to proceed with the lesson. However, their sadness was so overwhelming that they could think of nothing else. So we struggled with what to do. Soon I came up with what I thought was an idea that would provide some comfort for them.

I said, “I’ll tell you what we can do that might make your anniversary special. I have a nice camera with some film in it, and we will come over and take pictures of you for your anniversary.”camera

“We won’t be needing that,” said Mrs. Fouts. “We have our own camera.”

Silence. Then I came up with another bright idea: “Just last week I bought several rolls of film at a special quantity price. I would be happy to give some film to your that you can use with your camera.”

“We have our own film,” she replied firmly.

More silence. I could think of nothing more to offer that might comfort them. The only thing I could come up with were more suggestions regarding their camera, such as how we could help them take pictures of them with their new baby with their camera that would be very special.

Mrs. Founts became very agitated at these repeated suggestions regarding the camera. She got up and went to get her camera and said, “ Look, I told you we have a camera and film, and to prove it to you –“ She opened up her camera to expose the film, and out fell the $70!

Apparently, she had hidden the money inside the camera and forgotten it.

When I shared this experience with my mission president, he said the Holy Ghost can not only bring things to our mind, but can also block out new thoughts so that we are preoccupied with one overriding thought.


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