Utah – and The Network Marketing Game

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By far the greatest concentration of network or multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) is in Utah, led mostly by Latter-day Saints. Yet 20 years research, including analyses of compensation plans of over 600 MLMs and average incomes of 50 MLMs, has led me to conclude that MLM as a business model and industry is flawed, unfair and deceptive. MLMs also are often extremely viral and predatory. Each year tens of millions of MLM participants lose tens of billions of dollars.

“We believe in being honest” (13th Article of Faith) would seem to preclude any participation in MLM by Latter-day Saints. However, from worldwide feedback and from numerous legal cases, I conclude that those who promote MLMs are seldom deliberately deceiving people. MLM is a class of systemic fraud, meaning the underlying system itself is fraudulent. So a “good MLM” may be an oxymoron.

The research backing up these claims is posted on my web site mlm-thetruth.com. All of your questions about MLM should be answered there. Three books on MLM can be downloaded free of charge, including the industry wide expose Multi-level Marketing Unmasked: the Case against MLM as an Unfair and Deceptive Practice.

My first book on MLM was The Network Marketing Game: Gospel Perspectives in Network Marketing. It got great reviews and includes 52 great cartoons by Cal Grondahl which makes for enjoyable reading. It includes my treatise on “The Principles of True Wealth” which can be used to evaluate any business based on gospel principles. The book also provides interesting answers to the question of why so many LDS people get involved in MLM, especially from Utah.



The book originally sold for $10, but you can have a free copy of the book mailed to you if you will agree to do the following:  Refer five people to my research-based web site mlm-thetruth.com. Ask each of them in turn to refer five people, who should be encouraged to refer five more people, etc., etc. You will help to start an endless chain of truth-telling.

If you agree to these terms, please send me the address to which you want the book mailed. Sent it to my email address – jonmtaylor@juno.com   (Feel free to add any comments you would like to make about your experience with MLM, or network marketing.)

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